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Effortlessly smooth gliding and beautifully impressive folding doors create a vast amount of unimaginable space along with inviting contemporary character and comforting glass wall ambiance to any ordinary room. As opposed to the limitations of traditional patio doors and French doors where openings are greatly restricted due to areas being closed off, a set of innovative folding sliding doors open up as far as your creative imagination takes you just imagine what you could do with that extra space created by a bi-fold folding door?

A set of folding doors can compliment any building and provide exciting glass wall solutions to many situations without harming the character of a building. With the ability of bringing inspiration and creativity into a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, a set of folding sliding doors can remarkably blend spaces together, remove barriers between the outside and literally bring the outside in conforming to the natural environment around it. As opposed to patio doors, French doors, this folding panel, bi-fold, concertina door transformation creates wide and level access along with enhancing the structural character of a building and a glass wall allowing more natural light in making that ultimate difference to your home. With self build and DIY options for those people that like to undertake DIY or are undertaking a self build project, our bi-fold door is a simple system to install by just connecting each folding panel together.

The way in which our folding sliding patio doors are designed demonstrates clever engineering, versatility and durability of a glass wall simply because of the whole concept behind the folding panels of utilising the space that you have by creating more space, easily. Unlike a set of sliding doors for example where at least half of your available opening is blocked, our folding door system incorporates the full opening not wasting any space, which is done by using modern technology and state of the art hardware designed for easy functionality and long term reliability. This folding panel system has the option of a flush threshold unlike most French doors.

Restrictions created by most French doors and patio doors are not a problem for a set of folding doors because they can be installed in openings you may feel impossible or not even thought of, like opening a corner of a room or even knocking a complete wall out to create the space when you don’t have a fully available opening. The options are endless it just depends on how creative you want to be and how impressive you want your home to look.

Using premium glass wall materials our folding sliding doors are manufactured in the UK to an unquestionable impressive standard with a vast range of quality finishes to chose from along with many opening configurations available. All folding doors are supplied with low E coated double glazed units creating glass walls, severe weather rated seals and high security rated locking systems, making the doors perfect for any opening.

Folding sliding doors are also referred to as sliding folding doors, bi-fold, accordian door, folding windows and concertina door.

Why settle for less when you can have more with a folding door?

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